Monday, January 03, 2005

Snack Shelf Life

After I wrote about my relationship with The Snack, I started a debate about dating younger men. Well, as the experiment comes to a close, I can now inform you that Snacks have a shelf-life of about one month. Here's some signs your Snack is getting stale:

1. He calls you when he is shopping with his mother at Macy's for a new coat. She's buying.
2. He cancels your dinner plans because his mom is making something really "good."
3. He spends more money on his drugs than taking you out on dates.
4. He confesses to you about his ex-girlfriend who was 17.
5. He tells you that you are really great even though you are old but makes fun of you for watching Oprah.


Jazz said...

Hey! Wasn't one of the resolutions that there weren't going to be any more guys doing drugs anyway?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a job? If you do how are you watching Oprah? Are you Tivoing Oprah? If so, that might not be the coolest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nycbabylon,

I share you wariness. Now that we are both in our thirties, the primorose path that our dalliances doth tread, get more and more weedy by the day.

My Senior year when I was away for secondary school, before I left for college, I was dating a woman who had recently divorced the Rector.

We were so young, but it was so short.

One day when I went to her apartment and I noticed a letter from an old beau. She had recently dated a man who was taking Geritol.

This was not healthy.

So, I saw my role as one of a temp.

Irony of ironies, now it is us men in our thirties who should be doing the snacking.

NYU is looking delectable this year.


Pier Lundquist