Monday, January 12, 2009

The 2009 Golden Globes Madame Award

It's that special post-awards show moment where I name the celebrity that most embodies the glamour and spirit of the greatest puppet of all time-Madame!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes Liveblog

Why isn't The Wrestler nominated? I knew Slumdog would win. I'm taking a bath. See you at the Oscars.

Mickey is more than just a piece of old meat. He's a Globes winner!

I am tearing up from Mickey Rourke's speech. I love a comeback and his performance was amazing. I also have to say that I was about three inches away from Rourke during a BAFTA event and I still can't tell you what's up with his face.

I just want to bitch that I agree it's not fair that the biggest awards are last and then the producers cut off acceptance speeches. I'm starting to get tired. I'm hoping Rourke wins.

Kate wins two Globes and professes her "love" for Leo.
Is anyone out there agreeing with me that Marisa Tomei looks fabulous? I don't like this dress the Slumdog woman is wearing. I am digging Cameron's haircolor. I think Kate forgetting Angelina has been a highlight of tonight. I remember the first time I saw Kate in Heavenly Creatures. Angelina even looks touched.

Rita Wilson wears a big fat ugly getup to the Globes.

"There's that asshole Borat." That's what my mother said just said Sascha Baron Cohen appeared onscreen. I just again had to explain that there are two categories for comedy and drama. I'm glad Vicky Cristina Barcelona won. It's on my top 10 list of 2008. Letty Aronson is Woody Allen's sister in case you don't know that. She also used to work at MOTAR.

After seeing Sigourney and Emma, I agree that we need more films with these older fabulous actresses. I, however, am not a big Sandra Bullock fan or of her dress. Where is Javier Bardem? Is he hiding out with Brolin? I didn't see In Bruges.


It's time for the lifetime achievement award. My favorites are E.T. and The Color Purple.

Duchovny is two degrees from NYCBABYLON.

OK, Duchovny is still married? I thought he and Tia broke up when he was sent to the sex addiction clinic? Also, for the record, I've never met Duchovney but I'm seperated by him by two degrees. I used to take dance class with Krawkoski who just presented him and many years ago my neighbor used to date him. Tina's dress looks good but there is something funky about ther hair and makeup.

Tina Fey is wearing a very sexy dress. Tracey Morgan is hilarious but Jeff Zucker doesn't look amused. Did anyone else read about the SAG blacklist? Where is Brolin? Is he too mad to attend? Or was he banned? I thought of Brolin because like Brosnan, he's devastatingly handsome. Also, where is Sean Penn?

Neither my mother or MJ cared for Sally Hawkin's acceptance speech although neither of them saw the film.
I only recently fired Grey's and started watching 30 Rock and I have to confess, it's really great television. For those watching the ads, I wear the Laetitia Casta shade of L'Oreal star secrets lipstick.

I need exact details to follow Seth Rogan's diet.
Is it me or does Emma Thompson look fabulous? Where are Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman? I would like Maggie's dress better without that print. I wore a big shoulder bow on my dress to the senior prom so I'm biased towards that silouhette.

Demi looks beter than Rumor and I was getting my chicken out of the slow cooker and didn't get a photo of Drew! Tom Cruise is with his mother. Where's Katie? Deserved but very sad win for Heath and now I'm choked up.

Do it for Johnny.
Ricky Gervais is never going to break through to American audiences. I think he's funny but the average Miley Cyrus fan will just not appreciate Ricky. He's like Eddie Izzard and the fact the Jonas Brothers followed him, shows my point. The Jonas Brothers make me feel old. Johnny Depp makes me feel lusty. Sally Hawkins is freaking out she beat Streep and Thompson. My mother just called me and once again I had to explain that the foreign press divides comedy and drama into two categories because she thought Sally Hawkins acted like a "jerk. She's a damned a movie star. She should be able to talk."

Rene does not have me at hello.
I don't understand Eva Mendes. Is she talented? Why is she on this show? I've never seen her on TV or in a movie. If I could have any job in the world, I'd want to be President of the Hollywood Foreign Press. Man, I love Gabriel Byrne. Where in the hell is he? I always used to see him looking haggard walking down Bleecker.

For the record, the TV stars I can't stand are Eva Longoria and Simon Baker. Simon Baker just looks creepy to me. Someone who is out to get me just put them on the stage at the same time. Did anyone see Neil Patrick Harris on SNL last night where he made a great Piven joke?

What in the hell happened to Sting? At least Bruce looks the same and his song won!

JLo forgets we are entering the Great Depression in her lame gown.
The show is starting. Jay from ANTM is going crazy over Drew's Galliano dress. I'm all about her hair. I think that she really caught me so offguard, she's my favorite. I love a fashion surprise. JLo looks like Hannukah gelt. We're on to Best Supporting Actress. I want Penny to win. She rocked in Vicky Christina Barcelona but Marissa is my favorite over 40. And the winner is....Kate! Wow, I'm surprised although I love Kate.

Drew and Jessica debate. Hot messes or fabulous? I think I want to do my hair like that for my sister's wedding.

Kate Winslet demonstrates real glamour. I also think Leo is still hot.

Jolie just got out of the van with Brad but Kate Winslet demonstrates perfect hair and makeup. Myley Cyrus was just on and I just don't get it.

Maggie shares an uncomfortable moment in an unfortunate dress during the preshow.

Finally, an uncomfortable red carpet moment. Ryan just asked Maggie Gyllenhaal about the death of Heath Ledger. She's wearing a very strange ruffly leopard print Lanvin dress and basically answered that she didn't want to talk about her "dead friend" during the Globes. Then, Ryan put his foot in his mouth and they went straight to David Duchovny but unfortunately they didn't ask him about his sex addiction. OMG. Drew Barrymore is wearing a Marilyn Monroe costume and promoting Grey Gardens with Jessica Lange. Drew's look is freaking me out. I need to find a photo.


Brooke Adams breaks out her Slumdog Millionaire look.

The preshow on E! is BORING. TV stars in general are boring. Susan Sarandon just showed up looking good but I could give a rat's ass about Eva Longoria.

Rumor Willis is this year's Miss Golden Globes. She's also now a redhead.

Lisa Edelstein from House vies for this year's Madame Award.

6:00 PMWelcome to my liveblog coverage of the 2009 Golden Globes! Stay tuned as I comment on the winners and fashions. I'm watching the preshow right now and it's the boring cast of Slumdog Millionaire. I'm waiting for the big stars to arrive and will be keeping you posted. For those of you who don't know, I'm all about Mickey Rourke and as always, Angelina Jolie.

Where in the hell are Joan and Melissa? Why am I stuck watching Lisa Rinna and Jay from ANTM?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Favorite Films of 2008

Before the Globes air in just a couple of hours, here's my 10 Best Films of 2008. Stay tuned for my red carpet coverage.

1. The Wrestler
2. Wall-E
3. The Dark Knight
4. Wendy and Lucy
5. Rachel Getting Married
6. Vicky, Christina Barcelona
7. Frost/Nixon
8. The Reader
9. Australia
10. Doubt