Friday, September 26, 2008

Feel Better, Ted!

Me and Ted Kennedy, 1988.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Dressed at the Emmy's

Even I was bored and only half watching the Emmy's so I'm giving my best dressed award to my somtimes neighbor Perrey Reeves who was the only person I know personally at this year's broadcast. I applaud for not wearing black and looking so smoking. Girls, eat lots of veggies and do a lot of Yoga and you can look at as good as this broad when you're 40ish.

Emmy's Recap

The Emmy's were a real snooze last night, but Todd pointed out that I missed the bizarre Josh Groban theme song extravaganza. Since when is Groban the new millenium's Rich Little?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Let Your Body Learn

Back in the 80's a big part of my teenage social life revolved around under 21 night clubs. There were two clubs in York, Pa at the time that catered to my alternative taste in music-Big City Under 21 Nite Club and Zakie's. Me and my friend Jessica's entire week revolved around Friday nights at Big City. What would we wear? (Would I wear that Benetton pink sweater dress AGAIN?) Who would drive? Who would be there? What song would be our song to dance to in the cage? Would the Swatch Bunch be there? I even had my first kiss at Big City. Tonight ,an old friend Krista today informed me that on October 11th, there will be an actual Big City reunion for those who hung out there in the '80s and I have to confess that after seeing one of the playlists for the evening, I'm tempted although I would have to recommend adding Nemesis by Shreikback. So, who's game? My mom will drive.

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
A Split Second – Rigor Mortis
Age of Chance – Kiss
Alien Sex Fiend – Now I'm Feeling Zombified
Berlin – Sex (I'm a …..)
Big Audio Dynamite – The Bottom Line (the only thing to do is climb)
Bigod 20 – Body to Body
Bigod 20 – IQ
Bollock Brothers – Harley David (son of a bitch)
Bolshoi – A Way
Bomb the Bass – Beat Dis (the names have been changed to protect the innocent)
Book of Love – Modigliani
Book of Love – Boy
Book of Love – Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls
Boys from Brazil – Hot Stuff
Bronski Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat
Camouflage – The Great Commandment
Celebrate the Nun – Will You Be There
Cetu Javu – Have in Mind
Clan of Xymox – A Day
Cure – Boys Don't Cry
Cure – Let's Go to Bed
Damned – Grimly Fiendish
Dead Milkmen – Instant Club Hit (you'll dance to anything by ….)
Dead or Alive – Brand New Lover
Dead or Alive – My Heart Goes Bang
Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round
DeeeLite – Groove is in the Heart
Depeche Mode – Behind the Wheel / Route 66
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts
Depeche Mode – Master and Servant
Depeche Mode – People are People
Depeche Mode – Strange Love
Die Krupps with Nitzer Ebb – Machineries of Joy
Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses
Eddy Huntington – Meet My Friend (called dick)
English Boy on the Love Ranch – The Man in your Life
Erasure – A Little Respect
Erasure – Oh L'Amour
Erasure – Sometimes
Erasure – Victim of Love
Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home
Friends of Carlotta – Finger FOC
Front 242 – Headhunter
Front 242 – Welcome to Paradise (hey poor, you don't have to be poor anymore)
George Kranz – Trommeltanz (din daa daa)
Hohokam – Harlequin Tears (why does your heart beat, heartbeat now?)
Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid
Killing Joke – Eighties (I'm living in the)
KMFDM – Na├»ve (everybody needs somebody, everybody needs love)
Kon Kan – I Beg Your Pardon
Icicle Works – Birds Fly (whisper to a scream)
Information Society – What's On Your Mind
Les Rita Mitsouko – C'est Comme Ca (laa laa laa laa)
Lil Louis – French Kiss
Lords of Acid – I Sit on Acid (darling come here … ummm… lick me in my ear)
Love and Money – Candybar Express (take a ride on the sugar train)
Love and Rockets – Ball of Confusion (that's what the wold is today, hey hey)
Man to Man – Male Stripper (in a go go bar)
Man to Man – I Need A Man
MARRS – Pump Up the Volume
Micro Chip League – New York, New York (city of the people, city of deceivers)
Mighty Lemon Drops – Out of Hand
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
New Order – Age of Consent
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order – Blue Monday
New Order – True Faith
New Scene – Out of Control
Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn (fast beat the feet)
Nitzer Ebb – Murderous (where is the youth)
Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant (guns, guns, guns, guns, fire, fire, fire whoop!)
Paul Lekakis – Boom Boom (boom lets go back to my room)
Pet Shop Boys – Always on My Mind
Pet Shop Boys – It's A Sin
Rob Base – It Takes Two
Robotiko Rejekto – Rejekto
Radiorama – ABCD
Revolting Cocks – No Devotion
Sabrina – Boys
S-Express – Theme from S-Express (i've got the hots for you)
Shooting Party – Safe in the Arms of Love (never look back)
Siouxsie – Cities in Dust
Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
Skinny Puppy – Dig It
Skinny Puppy – Testure
Society – Love It (cmon cmon cmon cmon cmon love it)
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Timelords – Doctorin' the Tardis (doctor who hey doctor who)
Tones on Tail – Go! (yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yaaaah, yah)
Voyou - Houseman
Wire – Ahead (i remember, i remember, i remember .. making the body surge)
Weathermen – Poison
When in Rome – The Promise
Yaz – Don't Go
Yaz - Situation
Yazz and Plastic Population – The Only Way is Up (baby)
You've Got Foetus on Your Breath – Wash It All Off (supercalifragilisticsadomasichism)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Agency Review

Right now, I'm going through the process of hiring an "agency" at work. I'm always fascinated how companies come in to pitch their business and how similar it is to going on some really bad dates. My friend ANP and I always joke that there are always two sides to every relationship--the agency and the client. In life, you really want to be the client. But, if you must be the agency, it's best you practice the following unwritten rules:

1. Be careful about how you present your credentials. We don't care about what someone at your agency did ten years ago for a client that has nothing to do with your business. Also, if you must beef up your credentials, be sure as hell not to make up projects you owned especially related to the exact company you are pitching. Do you thnk we are morons and don't know who works for us?
2. Don't try to sell us shit we don't want. If we have you there to talk about media, talk about media. If you are called in to talk about design, talk about design. We know what we need which is why we spent hours working on a RFP to outline our project.
3. Be transparent. There's nothing a client hates more than a bait and switch.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Beware of the Coney Island Wonder Wheel Cast!

We are live on tape from one of the
very scary shifting cars of the world famous
Coney Island Wonder Wheel
on this very special

Take a virtual ride with Rachel and Todd as they:

* Scream like little bitches, while trying to podcast

* Gorge on Russian cuisine that will haunt them for days

* Swim in the live-active culture that is Brighton Beach

* Avoid buying bootleg DVDs of current movies (mainly because they didn't have Hamlet 2)

As alway, this and every BEWARE OF THE BABYLON podcast can be automatically downloaded from iTunes here.

Or listen right this very second on our custom player...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Donna Martin Graduates!

I am watching the new 90210 which is making me feel old and nostalgic. When I was in college, 90210 was a BIG DEAL with me and my friends. And, it was the first show I can remember that actually had a summer season so I spent time watching it with my old high school friends as well. I have to confess I even had a Luke Perry poster on my door junior year. I would watch with my good friends Al, Phil, Max, Dupes and Ro (yes all straight men) and we were obsessed. I think the boys even splurged on the dolls. Then, there was a season where I had to work at the coffee house during 90210 so I would actually carry my 13" TV across campus and set it up behind the counter. My college graduation coincided with the high school graduation of the kids from West Beverly High. I remember sitting in my room and watching with my friends and actually crying. So, welcome back 90210. I hope it's as good as the first round and I actually teared up when I Joe Tata just had a cameo.