Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Agency Review

Right now, I'm going through the process of hiring an "agency" at work. I'm always fascinated how companies come in to pitch their business and how similar it is to going on some really bad dates. My friend ANP and I always joke that there are always two sides to every relationship--the agency and the client. In life, you really want to be the client. But, if you must be the agency, it's best you practice the following unwritten rules:

1. Be careful about how you present your credentials. We don't care about what someone at your agency did ten years ago for a client that has nothing to do with your business. Also, if you must beef up your credentials, be sure as hell not to make up projects you owned especially related to the exact company you are pitching. Do you thnk we are morons and don't know who works for us?
2. Don't try to sell us shit we don't want. If we have you there to talk about media, talk about media. If you are called in to talk about design, talk about design. We know what we need which is why we spent hours working on a RFP to outline our project.
3. Be transparent. There's nothing a client hates more than a bait and switch.

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