Sunday, January 03, 2010

Things I Hated 2009

I may not have been blogging as much I used to, but I feel compelled to do my year-end list of things I hated this year because as always, I always find new things to despise on an annual basis. These are not in order.
1. Jon Gosselin.
2. Ed Hardy clothing
3. The phrases "woohoo" or "woot" to describe online excitement.
4. Being forced to work weekend and holidays.
5. Death of friends
6. My deviated septum. I need a nose job this year.
7. Swine flu. Nobody rallies around you.
8. St. Vicent's ER
9. When employees ask for a raise the same week people are getting laid off. Look around, kids.
10. Business travel
11. Terrorists
12. Levi Johnston
13. Private numbers on phone calls
14. Tooth pain
15. My never-ending student loan payments
16. mayo
17. ketchup
18. cheese
19. relish
20. The fact that my eyesight continues to get worse each year costing me thousands of dollars.
21. End-0f-year, mid-year and goal setting meetings at work, especially when someone cries during these meetings.
22. Disorganized BAFTA functions
23. That asshole who works at Union Square Optical
24. When cheese is on a hamburger when I specifically ordered "NO CHEESE"
25. 8AM meetings
26. Throwing away old furniture and electronics
27. Cold calls at work
28. Men in midlife crisis
29. The Forum
30. Jay Leno at 10PM