Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005: Day One

Well, we are eight hours into the New Year and so far, everything is good except for the fact that I can't keep any food in my stomach. For those of you who were concerned about my holiday blues, I rang in the New Year with style. Here's how:

1. At the stroke of midnight, I found myself on a sofa beside two B-list actors. They sat down beside me when my friend Kristen got up to go to the bathroom. Kristen understood that I had to give up her seat as I am always up for toasting the New Year with semi-celebs. Although we all toasted in the New Year together, one of the self-important dudes rudely knocked my champagne glass over and did not apologize. I, however, think this was a good sign of a good year to come.

2. I actually got to dance to Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

3. As our escort, Kristen and I took out our Snack Brad Pitt look alike catsitter who turns out is really good with all kinds of cats.