Monday, January 31, 2005

Liev is My Golden Monkey

It's been a cold month, but for some odd reason when I do leave my house, I always find myself ass to ass on a couch beside actor Liev Schreiber. Ok, well, it's only been two times so far this month, but I'm starting to think that he's following me. I mean it's weird enough to run into some nobody all the time, but it's even weirder when you keep finding yourself next to New York's new Jerry Orbach. I first encountered Liev at work in the mid-90's when he was promoting Party Girl or Denise Calls Up or one of those forgettable movies and he seemed unhappy when I misplaced him for my friend's brother. Then, Liev played a character based on my old friend Ben in Walking and Talking and Ben is one of my favorite people which gave Liev a warm place in my heart. This New Year's Eve, two minutes before midnight, Liev sat his ass down on the couch beside me stealing my friend's seat and spilling her champagne glass. We toasted in the New Year together, he parted and he left me for some very skinny young broad. This was fine because I met someone I liked minutes later. On Friday night at Blue Ribbon, I was sat directly beside Liev who actually remembered our moment together "upstairs on the couch" during the first few seconds of 2005. As he was leaving, I handed him his gloves he left behind. I had to take this time to confess that truthfully, each time I see him, something really good happens to me afterwards and he replied, "So I'm your golden monkey?" Yes, Liev, you are my golden monkey whatever that means.

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