Thursday, January 27, 2005

Suffering Through the Pain

Steph's Sidewalk is, by far, my new favorite blog. Next Monday, I am finally going to the allergist for testing and I am not allowed to take any antihistimines this week so my nose is running, my eyes are itching and I have a headache. I had to hide the Claritin D in the back of the medicine cabinet to refrain from taking them. So, inspired by Steph's advice to "ditch the Advil and pop a prayer," I am going to have one serious heart to heart with Jesus to see if he can help me survive my antihistimine-free week. Look how the Lord helped Steph:
I felt the onset of a migraine headache...Each step I took seemed to vibrate shots of pain through my head and my nausea was on the brink of being promoted to full-fledged vomit...When I got back to my office I sat down, water in hand- ready to grab my Advil and be rid of this incessant pain. But for a moment- I stopped. I thought of this friend, who suffers through her pain so that she can really feel God’s healing touch, and so though I knew the Advil would have me pain free and lovin’ life, I declined. I put the bottle down and I bowed my head instead. It wasn’t instantaneous relief but it also didn’t last nearly as long as the 2 to 5 days they can sometimes last piled, with 1-3 Advil, every 2-4 hours. And the best part is- He placed his healing touch on me, not his temporary pain relief coupled with slight drowsiness and foggy mind touch, but his HEALING touch. He didn’t relieve my pain- He cured it!

Ditch the Advil and Pop a prayer!

I hope the Lord helps out this suffering Catholic Jew with the power of healing touch.

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