Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Good Friend

I have this very good friend who was away on her honeymoon when I posted for what I was thankful over Thanksgiving. She was so far away that I accidentally left her off the list. Her traits as a person and a friend exemplify the true meaning of friendship. Here's what makes her such a good friend-
1. She's not judgmental.
2. She remembers everyone's name.
3. She provides wise advice on a large array of topics.
4. She sings a mean karaoke.
5. She is not competitive with her friends.
6. She's kind and thoughtful.
7. If someone is freaking you out at her party, she'll tell them to leave.
8. She always brings dessert.
9. She remembers all important days for all her friends.

The list can go on and on....

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