Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just Asking

What grandson of an embalmed Communist dictator was out picking up an innocent downtown socialite at a party on Friday night on the LES? When she told her mother about an impending dinner date, her mother screamed, "No!" and nearly had a heart attack.


Jazz said...

Well...? Don't keep us in suspense.

Anonymous said...

Well that's easy. Jing Hu, who is the grandson of the premier during the Cultural Revol, lives in Chinatown and is rumored to engage in industrial espionage.

Yet, there is not an Asian flavore to your blind item. Sergie Kruschev probably has a son in NYC.

I could imagine you (or whoever) dating him and debating tractor production during one of your favorite post Stalin periods of liberalisation.

Yet, that too has problems. I understand that Erich Honeker, the former head of the East German politburo , has a grandkids downtown.