Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tsunami Aid versus Live Aid

Like many people, I was able to watch the Live Aid DVD over the holiday season. Now, I am home making boeuf bourguignon to serve for my Golden Globes gathering. In the background, I have the tsunami relief concert on as I stir. I wonder if in twenty years if I will get as sentimental rewatching my Tsunami Relief DVD set? Will I tear up seeing a middle-age Madonna singing Imagine or will I think about the former close friendship of Matt and Ben? Will I wonder what the hell ever happened to Nelly? And where was Phil Collins? He should have come out for Tsunami relief. I need to call now and give some money. I'll have a heart attack if I get Clooney on the phone.

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Bewareoftheblog said...

Sample dialogue:

GEORGE CLOONEY - Tsunami Aid, would you like to make a donation?

NYCBABYLON - Who is this?

GC - This is George Clooney

NYCBLN - No, for real, who is this?

GC - I never kid for charity

NYCBLN - Prove it

GC - Rosemary's my Aunt

NYCBLN - Holly shit it's really you

GC - Now what can you do to help?

NYCBLN - Just answer me one question?

GC - Anything for you babe

NYCBLN - How many members of Ocean's Eleven, or Twelve for that matter, did you sleep with

GC - Oh, I couldn't share that

NYCBLN - I have $500 to go to the relief that says you will

GC - Damn. Okay, all twelve

NYCBLN - You slept with yourself then?

GC - Huh?

NYCBLN - Well, wouldn't you be one of the twelve?

GC - No, ma'am, if I am Ocean, then there are twelve under me (no pun intended)

NYCBLN - Are you sure, I counted twelve including you

GC - I swear

NYCBLN - It's all rather confusing

GC - Isn't it though

NYCBLN - Okay, $400 right?

GC - No, you said $500 ma'am

NYCBLN - Damn, can't put nothing past the Clooney

GC - No you can not