Monday, January 10, 2005

Today's Points

I need to drop 10lbs FAST so I am back on the Weight Watcher's Points. Here is what I ate today and the point value of each item:

Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt-2 points
1 Egg- 2points
turkey on light bread-3 points
2 pickles-0 points
1 cup grapes-1 point
1 large apple 2 points
Total: 10 points

This leave me with 10 more points, and I am starving and don't know what to eat. I have a left-over pork chop in the fridge. Perhaps I can have that with some applesauce and corn and salad. That would be about a 7 point dinner which would leave me three points for an ice cream sandwich. Dieting is very hard work.

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