Friday, January 21, 2005

Respek! : Friday Catblog by MJ Cat

Sometimes my person lets other cats and dogs into my turf. If you want to come over, you better show me and her some respect. Here's how you play the game to win:

1. Don't come in to the apartment and announce you hate cats when first meet me. That's just plain rude.
2. If you touch my person in a weird or inappropriate way, I might just bite you in the ass. Remember, I'm the one she's feeding, buddy.
3. Don't eat my food. That makes me angry.
4. If I run out in the hall as you are either leaving or going down to the deli, please catch me and take me back to the apartment. Don't make my lady run after me in her bare feet or nightgown.
5. I'll purr if you pet me in the right spot.

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