Monday, November 01, 2004

New Month, New Nerves, New Neuroses

After a long and painful October, I'm relieved it's a new month. Although I am feeling much better than I did one month ago, here is what I am worried about for November.

1. I am worried about the election. I am worried that Bush will win. I am worried what will happen if Kerry wins.
2. I am worried about my weight. I ate too much during my October meltdown and now need to diet just in time as the holiday season begins!
3. I am worried about my cat. He has this weird patch on his neck where his hair is falling out. I have to take him to the vet. I'm worried about how much this will cost.
4. I am worried I will die alone.
5. I am worried that my computer will soon die.
6. I am worried about this Osama tape. I hate Osama.
7. I am worried about the mess in my apartment. I don't think I'll ever clean up.
8. I am worried about somebody that I am not supposed to worry about anymore.

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