Friday, November 05, 2004

A Needle in My Ass: Friday catblog

I literally lost fur over the ups and downs of this fateful election week. In fact, I think a lost one of my nine lives. My owner likes lists, so in honor of her, here's what I learned this week.

1. When you go to the vet or doctor, don't jump off the table mid-injection or you might just have a big needle left in your ass. It's better to quickly accept inevitable pain than to prolong it with rebellious behavior.
2. Don't wriggle out of your harness or you will be forced into a plastic box. It's better to walk on leash than to be carried in a cage.
3. I have seasonal allergies which is why I'm losing fur on the back of my neck. If I don't scratch this area, it will heal.
4. Politicians should address pet insurance. Perhaps Democrats have lost focus on what Americans really care about.
5. Democracy Plaza is a place on television.
6. Sometimes it's OK to bite the hand that feeds you. She will just put on big gloves and love you anyway.
7. Based on the amount of emails I received this week, cats are the new black...not Ohio.

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