Sunday, November 07, 2004

Weekend Roundup: Coffee, Tea, Cats and Me

Here is a brief round-up of my weekend:

Meet Friday night date. Serve tea. Finish tea. Date leaves.
Take Max to ER in the middle of the night. Max acts healthy at ER. Return home and go to bed. Wake up and can't find Max. Search for him for an hour. Find him in corner cowering under the bed. He is very sick. Call vet. Go to vet and get antibiotic for Max. Administer antibiotic. Max pukes. Call vet again. She advises to try again in five hours. I suffer severe allergy attack from being in too many vet offices. Take two Claritin for my own allergy attack. Read Cat for Dummies to learn about how to administer medicine to cat. Watch the Warrior and the Princess. Successfully administer antibiotic. Martha comes over for dinner, but leaves. She seemed disturbed by too much sneezing and wheezing from both me and my cat. Sleep for 14 hours with Max. Serve Max his cat food in bed. Pet him all day. Go to grocery store for more cat food. Now making beef stew. Max is still sleeping. Haven't heard from the spanker.

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