Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm Waiting for the Man

I never reported this, but my close friend Kristen put me on dating probation earlier this month. She said that my judgment has been cloudy and that I wasn't allowed to go on any dates until December. This ban lifts as of midnight tonight and I've been clearing my mind over the past two weeks.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I reread my 10th Grade Diary and in it, I listed the qualities I was looking for in a new boyfriend. As an experiment, for the month of December, I will now only consider men who meet most or all of these qualifications. I think I was wiser back then.

What I Want in a Boyfriend
December 15, 1986

1. He is nice
2. He is cute
3. He gets me
4. He likes reggae
5. He likes to dance
6. He likes to read poetry
7. He likes pets
8. He looks good in his clothing
9. He is nice to my friends and family
10. He is smart
11. He doesn't play guessing games
12. He doesn't have a girlfriend
13. He isn't prejudice
14. He likes to read books
15. He goes shopping with me at the mall
16. He thinks I'm cool and smart
17. He lets me pick the movie
18. He's just not looking for sex
19. He's not fake or a poser
20. He likes to ski

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