Friday, November 19, 2004

Nine Lives versus One Life: Friday Catblog

Here I am out walking on my leash. As you can see, I'm feeling much better. My person, however, had to experience the human medical system this week. Here's the difference between vets and doctors in this country:

1. It's easier to get an appointment with a vet. Doctors sometimes are overbooked. When I had my emergency, my vet saw me immediately while my person had to beg for appointments.
2. The doctor makes you wait much longer than a vet. My vet's office is very organized, while most doctors are not as organized. Doctors, however, have better magazines.
3. When you go to the vet, you are guaranteed somebody who cares about you will take you and pet you during your visit. When you are human, you might have to go alone to the doctor.
4. Vets don't take insurance and I don't work so vet care is costly. This is a con of being a cat.
5. I can tell my vet really cares about me. It's sometimes hard to tell with people who work at the people hospital, especially rude receptionists at Beth Israel Medical Center.
6. You don't have to get naked at the vet.
7. Doctors don't put people to sleep. When you go to the vet, there is a chance you could get the death needle.
8. Cats have nine lives. Humans only have one.


Jazz said...

May your medical situation be nothing of import, and your life be the opposite.

Jazz of Running Scared

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