Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Who Needs a Podcast Like That?

Todd and I had a very big night. Not only we did enjoy sake and sushi, but we also attended the sold-out Erasure show where we recorded our preshow/aftershow Beware of the Babylon podcast outside from Irving Plaza. We also had a surprise appearance from my new favorite band Elkland and an interview with the hairdressers from the hit musical Hairspray!

In this week's podcast find out:
--How to be your own personal secretary
--How Elkland is taking over the world
--Bruce Villanche's beauty secrets
--What songs to play to wake us out of a coma
--Just how much Erasure is too much Erasure

This is a jam-packed show full of useless information. Simply click on our brand new URL http://media1.libsyn.com/podcasts/bewareofbabylon/podcasterasure.mp3 to download the new podcast!

Rachel and Todd

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