Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Podcasting Protection Program

Well, I broke the first rule about podcasting club, and the Wall Street Journal ratted me out. In today's Wall Street Journal article about Infinity Radio's new all-podcast radio station, I'm quoted from our last podcast.

"One podcast, called Beware of the Babylon, this week featured hosts Todd and Rachel ad libbing while in line for a pop concert at Irving Plaza in New York. In the process, they underscored the clubby nature of the podcasting phenomenon so far, "We went to the first meeting of the New York City Podcasting Association," said Rachel. "The first rule about podcasting club is that you can't talk about podcasting club... So that's all I'm going to say. We went, we're not allowed to talk about it. But we predict there are going to be big fights within the podcasting group."

The Association is going to clean my mouth out with soap!

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