Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Enjoy Being a Jew

I once flirted with the idea of becoming a Catholic, but the entire experience was a little too potluck for me. I love the Catholic Saints. I've turned to many a saint to put the word in for me when I needed some heavenly help. (Yo, St. Anthony! Thanks!) Also, the entire concept of transubstantiation was so foreign and fascinating to me that I really needed to investigate that with some Catholic scholars. I find it appealing that to accept the body and blood of Christ, I would need to relinquish the control of rational thought and totally rely on faith. It's like receiving a painful deep tissue massage knowing it will heal you later. Catholics also give a much better send-off when you die than the Jews.

Yet, I had problems with the Catholics. I'm not quite sure I buy all that heaven and hell stuff and I really can't make decisions according to what Jesus would do. Also, Jews have better food at parties and I think birth control is something important. Also, Catholics don't have such great songs as Ein Kelokeno.

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