Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nano Nano

Last night I watched two of the most gripping hours of television I've seen in a very long time. Between the hours of 9-11, I was glued to Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork and Mindy. Here are some of the very important questions and issues raised by this monumental television event:

1. Robin Williams must be the most annoying person to live with on the planet. I couldn't handle all those stupid jokes ALL THE TIME. What women actually found him attractive?
2. According to the program, his first wife Victoria actually stood by him during his troubled times with cocaine and Belushi. She also dealt with all those annoying jokes. Then as we all know, he dumped her for their nanny. Why wasn't this on the show?
3. Gary Marshall is the sweetest man in television. I love to celebrate career success with a malt!
4. Behind the camera, Laverne and Shirley hated one another. When is this TV movie being greenlighted?
5. Angie was on Thursday night? What ever happened to Donna Pescow?
6. Who else crashed Travolta's party that night? Are John and Robin still friends?
7. Is there going to a TV documenting the "orgy" that took place on the set of Popeye? Did Robert Evans and Robin Williams participate together in the orgy?
8. At the end of the movie, Pam Dawber was bragging about her new boyfriend. Was that Mark Harmon?

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