Thursday, June 23, 2005

This is Your Brain on Berry!

The Times reported today that scientists have researched the brain's chemical reaction to seeing celebrities and other images.

When scientists sampled brain cell activity in people who were scrutinizing dozens of pictures, they found some individual cells that reacted to a particular celebrity, landmark, animal or object.

In one case, a single cell was activated by different photos of Berry, including some in her ''Catwoman'' costume, a drawing of her and even the words, ''Halle Berry.''

The findings appear in a part of the brain that transforms what people perceive into what they'll eventually remember, said Dr. Itzhak Fried of the University of California, Los Angeles, a senior investigator on the project.

While all this scientific mumbo jumbo is confusing, you can see an actual diagram of my brain and the specfic celebrities, landmarks and animals that produce a chemical reaction. This kind of research makes me want to be a scientist!

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