Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Things More Shocking than the Jackson Case

While everyone is still discussing the verdict in the Michael Jackson case, I've been more shocked by the following information and think I need some Jesus Juice to calm down.

1. Katie Holmes is converting to Scientology and ADMITTED this during a press conference? What in the hell is she thinking? How long until she realizes she is totally playing Tom's fool?
2. Somebody I know had his eardrums "pop" today and blood and puss oozed out. This story was shocking.
3. This hot weather is more disturbing than the Jackson case.
4. While I was watching the verdict in a bar, there was a man there who admitted to being molested by his father as a child and when the TV showed Joe Jackson, the guy started screaming, "He's the devil!" This man's reaction to the case was by far more shocking than the case itself!

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