Monday, June 27, 2005

I Don't Do Lunch

I have to confess something to all of you men who ask me out to lunch on weekends or on my day off. I don't like meeting men for lunch. Here is why:

1. If I am not working, I usually stay up all night and sleep at least until noon the following day. Lunch for me is like breakfast and I never look so good in the morning. I also don't like worrying about waking up in time or hearing the phone ring to confirm the lunch date when I should be sleeping.
2. I never know what to wear to meet someone for lunch. I prefer dinner when the rules are more in place.
3. I don't mind meeting for lunch with old girlfriends or under the pure premise of business. I don't like romantic lunches, unless they are an extension of the dinner the previous evening.
4. Frankly, I'm slightly insulted when I'm asked for a weekend lunch rather than a weekend dinner. The man gives himself an "out" by planning lunch so that he can go onto his higher prioritized evening activity. I don't like being second choice.

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