Thursday, June 09, 2005

Goodbye Mr. C. :Schadenfreude

Today, a "great friend" of NYCBabylon was let go by the crazy brainwashed Katie Holmes. In the photo above, John Carrabino is pictured in the background talking on his cell phone most likely to Big Hands Meagan. I once tried to get John C. to represent me and turn me into a star like he did for Renee but he told me I had no talent.

Page Six reported this today.


KATIE Holmes has made yet another change in her life. Just a week after replacing Brandt Joel of CAA as her agent with Tom Cruise's representatives at the same agency, Rick Nicita and Kevin Huvane, Holmes has ditched her longtime manager John Carrabino, who also reps RenĂ©e Zellweger. Carrabino didn't return calls, but another exec at his firm confirmed that Holmes "recently" left. Holmes' rep didn't know about the move when we called. Meanwhile, Cruise's ex-publicist, Pat Kingsley, is now experiencing Schadenfreude over his career meltdown. The studio cut Cruise's promotion schedule for "War of the Worlds" after he jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch like a chimpanzee and blurted his love for Holmes. And "Mission: Impossible 3" might be canceled because of Cruise's demands — he insisted on having a "Scientology tent" on the set. The Internet was abuzz that Kingsley — fired by Cruise last year and replaced with his sister, Lee Anne DeVette — must be gleeful. But close friends say no. "Pat is very worried and concerned for Tom," one pal said. "She has always loved and adored him as a good friend."

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