Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cruise Control Off

Many of my friends and business associates keep asking me "What the hell is wrong with Tom Cruise?" After reading this article in the Times, my theory has been confirmed. Tom Cruise's publicist (his sister Le Anne De Vette) needs to be fired. Paramount Pictures is considering taking away Mission Impossible III from Cruise due to his recent publicity fiasco which includes his overzealous love of Katie Holmes, jumping up and down on Oprah's couch and pretending to be a neurologist making judgment on Brooke Shields.

In reaction to his embarrassing Oprah appearance the article states:

Mr. Cruise's spokeswoman, his sister Lee Anne De Vette, said she had not heard anything negative after the "Oprah" appearance. "You're looking at someone who's genuinely very happy," she said. "The response we've gotten back is complete enthusiasm and exhilaration for his enthusiasm and exhilaration. He's a very happy person."

First of all, he has the potential to damage his career, lose roles and industry respect for his insane Scientology ramblings and teenager behavior. No good publicist would allow a client this type of career-damaging freedom.

On that note, I would NEVER hire my sister as my publicist. Your publicist should be someone who has never seen you naked, is entitled to money in your will or who is only a publicist riding on your own famous coattails.

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