Friday, December 17, 2004

Don't Eat the Tree: Friday catblog

Don't Eat the Tree: A Holiday Catblog Poem by MJ Cat

I can't help it if I want to eat the Christmas tree
It looks a special feline gym
Custom-made especially for me.
Every bite I take is tainted with bitter apple spray
But the tree is just so shiny and pink,
I can't keep my paws away.
The tree doesn't have any lights
because I'll fry myself
with my crazy cat bites.
Christmas makes me really sad
Because I keep hearing the words,
"Stop it, Max, you are so bad!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello MJ Cat,

I am Mr. Dog. My person has another name for me, but I don't like to be 'objectified' by his anthropomorphic games. You are different, I understand.

Then again, you are a cat and I am a dog. I wish I could write a pretty poem about my persons tree -just some 'doggeral' but I am afraid I cannot.

Both my bark and my bite are pure prose.

My person has a tree too.

It's just so hard for me to keep my self from peeing on his tree.

It's nothing personal, as I am sure you know. You have probably been chased by some of my collegues, both canine and lupine, so you understand the passions of instinct.

If you complain, I am sure I could take you to court and get more than one mouse to testify against you.

That is to say, if there are any mice left in NYC - we all so how big your tummy is. Just kidding!

Oh, well MJ Cat, I must go know.

There are many doggie behinds for me to sniff today. Sometimes I am ashamed of this habit, but then I see my person act the same way.

My person is always telling me how pretty this or that woman smells.

What is so gross is that he is not even smelling their behinds (not in front of me at least!), but is smelling their hair or their necks. Yuck!


Mr. Dog

PS- Let's maintain this inter - animal dialogue. Afterall, this is not Norern Ireland or Israel.