Monday, October 25, 2004

Strike a Pose, There's Nothing to It

It has been over a week and I've been silent regarding an article in a certain high-gloss fashion magazine profiling two people who threatened to sue me years ago for writing an expose on their illicit affair. Now, I am getting phone calls from friends requesting comments on this self-serving article. Without going into full details and naming names in order to protect myself from these two literally trying to take the coat off my back again, here are my most basic thoughts and comments:

1. I really didn't need to read this article while I was home feeling sorry for myself on a Saturday night eating a taco and watching Nuts for Mutts on Animal Planet. I mean I'm way cuter, nicer and smarter than she is, so why does she get to live in a billion dollar house and I am alone and live in a shack with a cat?
2. I have lost respect for this magazine. In Touch is a much better rag. The article was false and had no journalistic integrity. I mean, did they hire Liz Smith to write this trash?
3. I love how her response to the preformentioned scandal was written in email form by some hired publicist. That is so her.
4. His quotes made him sound like a moron. Is he really that shallow? I guess money can make any face handsome.
5. What's the deal with that designer that is up her ass? Or is he up his?
6. Who is training her now?
7. I think my favorite part of the article was the section where it discussed her dinner party menu and how she made a different entree for herself. That is so "down-to-earth."
8. There are so many mean yet true things I could say, but I don't need to, because if you read this article, I suspect you are already thinking these same things.

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