Monday, October 18, 2004

Letter to the Editor

I have been receiving all this random mail regarding my blog from old friends. I've been enjoying my correspondence with Matthew the most. It's nice to know old boyfriends (even ones who are now gay) haven't forgotten about me. I've linked all the obscure references for non-Yorkers. I can't believe this blog has become more about York than New York recently.

well, if you don't come home for thanksgiving, i'll see you saturday
night in manhattan - if you're coming home, we're going out on
wednesday night - got it? maybe if we're lucky we'll run into patrick
in the depot VIP lounge... or we can assault the
token gay bar after downing lukewarm 'tsing-tao' or some other random
asian alcohol at the india sports bar (do they only show cricket

i busted out laughing during a lecture the other day while reading
nycbabylon... you need to write more often... the prof has such a
hard-on for himself, i doubt he noticed that i spit a half-chewed
peanut m & m onto my powerbook display

anyway, when you know what's up with t-day, let me know - tell your mom
that flavor flav is coming to dinner

oh - catster rules - i wish i could have a cat here, so he could be
friends with max

1 comment:

Matthew said...

wow, i am totally gay - i actually said i wanted a cat... if i had a cat, could our cats send cards to each other signed with paw prints?

you - stalking loren dean for me - get on that