Monday, October 11, 2004

Bad Customer Service in SoHo Report.

Yesterday I went on a manic shopping spree. If Bloomberg really wanted to revive the downtown economy, he should take a look about the incompetent people running shops in lower Manhattan. Below is a list of what I would have purchased had I been properly helped. I always buy more than for what I budget and I was in a manic state which is why the price of the budgeted item does not match the loss to the store.

1. Bodyhints- I need new lingerie. I budgeted $200 for bras and matching panties. Nobody would help me in the dressing room to get me a bra that fits. I left with nothing.
Loss to store: $300

2. Sephora- I need to completely update my colors while also replenishing skin care products. First, I went to Sephora to pick up my Stila Moisturizing Foundation in shade D. The woman (wrongly)told me that Stila discontinued it. So, I asked her to recommend something else but she ignored me and helped some crazy old bag looking lady. Meanwhile, I had two bottles of perfume in my cart valued at about $200. But because I came there for the foundation, I didn't feel the perfume purchase was justified so I stormed out purchasing nothing.
Loss to store=$260

3. Bloomingdales- I went to Bloomingdales to try to rectify the cosmetic situation. I first went to the Benefit counter where the attendant seemed busy rifling through drawers looking for a lipliner for someone. Based on this behavior, I had to assume that she wasn't the real Benefit representative so I moved onto the Stila counter to buy my foundation. The woman working there also seemed overtaxed and let a woman butt in front of me in the line. Snubbed again, I didn't buy the foundation. Then I moved over to Laura Mercier, but again, I must have been invisible. I left with nothing and never made it upstairs to coats, dresses, jeans, bras and shoes.
Loss to store: $1500

4. Jill Stuart - I don't know what to say about Jill Stuart. I saw a very pretty dress in the window. They didn't have my size on the rack. I asked the saleswoman to help me. She looked at me like I was foreign, and turned her back on me. I left.
Loss to store: $700

4. Radio Shack - My cell phone is on the fritz and the guys working at Radio Shack were too pushy, rather than delicately helpful. I don't need a fucking video camera on my cell phone. I just want one that I can use to talk, especially to the home offices of the stores which I fled out of because I was being completely ignored.
Loss to store: $200


Erik said...

I might be out of line here, but I must call your attention to something.

I am fairly certain that at this point and time Mastercard has passed a law that requires, after listing three or more prices and/or dollar amounts, to name a final thing that must be described as "Priceless."

Weedy said...

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