Thursday, October 14, 2004

PA goes Jap! First Cheney now Ikura!

Yesterday I received an email from the first guy I ever French kissed. He's gay now, but anyway, he wrote to me yesterday to let me know that he enjoys reading nycbabylon and that he misses the York Fair and also had a crush on Steve Carter. So, in honor of Matthew who still thinks I still "rock" after all these years, I'd like to spotlight that York is finally opening some ethnic restaurants, including two new "Japanese" restaurants. Remember the days when the only non PA-dutch meal you could go out for in York was some chow mein at the Golden Dragon on Eastern Boulevard? I mean I'm in New York City and I can't get a California role and a pizza steak at the same restaurant after buying some Lee jeans at the Bon Ton. Matthew, in memory of our good times together, over Thanksgiving, I'll buy you a beer at the India Grill and Sports Bar at the Quality Inn Hotel on Market Street.

Japanese restaurant to open Monday - York Daily Record


Anonymous said...

I think that French kiss made me gay. Have you been stalking Loren Dean for me like I asked you to?! - Matthew

Matthew said...

that posted as anonymous? wtf?