Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Desperately Seeking a Tastykake

As a result of asking for some love advice, I received this list of men I should be dating from my friend Matthew. So, get in line, boys.

men who should be dating nycbabylon (and why) - the 26 october 04 version

-----disclaimer: if he's married, it's his loss - if he's gay, he's
just confused-----

13) Isiah Thomas, President of Basketball Operations, New York Knicks
He needs someone smarter than a Knicks City Dancer.

12) Eli Manning, rookie Quarterback, New York Giants
This country boy needs some big city fun.

11) Justin Timberlake, singer
He needs someone to tell him what jewelry is acceptable on a man.

10) Clive Owen, actor
He needs an American girl.

9) Erik Engstrom, Chief Executive Officer, Elsevier
He's not hot, but Amsterdam is the new London.

8) David Pasternack, chef, Esca
Again with the "not hot" but a girl's gotta eat.

7) Sander Kleinenberg, DJ
Again with the Dutch? But hey, he's a dj.

6) Nacho Figueras, polo player and model
Um, it's summer in Argentina when it's winter in New York.

5) John-Paul Lavoisier, actor
He's on a soap opera, so he understands drama. And he's from PA, so he
understands Tastykakes.

4) Derek Jeter, shortstop, New York Yankees
Hopefully she'll lure him away from baseball.

3) Ethan Hawke, actor
She's the only woman I know who is cooler than Uma. (Matthew seems to have forgotten his responsibility for my unfortunate Ethan Hawke run-in in 1994.)

2) Bradley Tomberlin, model
He needs to date someone prettier than he is.

1) Matt Cavenaugh, actor
When they break up, he can date me.


Matthew said...

oh, yeah, it's coming back to me now... ethan hawke... lisa loeb... sony interactive... the wetlands... am i remembering this correctly?

god, that song he did in 'reality bites' was just plain awful, wasn't it?

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