Friday, May 13, 2005

Who is Big Hands Meaghan?

There is a mean and crazy person calling herself Meaghan who is using this blog as a forum to post comments. I, however, think that this Meaghan character is hiding under a pseudonymn to protect her identity. I do admit that perhaps I have some enemies who might be interested in screwing with me on this blog. I've contacted the authorities and they have narrowed down the following suspects as the real "Meaghan."

1. Federico from WFMU-Federico has told me to my face that he hates the blog and the podcast. (ed. correction--Federico does not hate the blog or the podcast, but wants the podcast to be "tighter." Apologies to Federico who is not Meaghan and a good friend.)
2. Liev Schreiber-I've heard he's upset he hasn't been a guest on the podcast.
3. Katie Holmes-I did make fun of her zits. But, if she is "Meaghan," she can stop writing these messages because Todd and I both broke out after making fun of her.
4. Mr. Book-Maybe he went crazy after the Kentucky Derby?
5. John Carabino-He can't control his clients so he's taking it out on me.
6. Caroline-She is the one who did cut me out of the picture!

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