Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fallen Idol Fallout

Today has been a shocking day. This Dateline Corey Clark interview accusing Paula Abdul must have the Idol producers' panties in a twist. What will happen to Paul tomorrow? Will she tell us straight up what really happened? Will this scandal overshadow Michael Jackson's trial? What will Simon Say? Will Pigface Savol claim to have bagged Paula in a hot tub? Rush, rush, Paul, with your side of the story!

Everyone knows I'm very careful about having my photograph taken and this photograph of Katie Holmes illustrates my biggest fears. Not that I have a weird herpe or bizarre mustache acne, but I wouldn't leave the house looking like this, especially when I've been in the public eye all week. I wonder if Tom likes her looking like this in the morning. Katie, get some Yu-Be to clear up all your skin problems!

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