Thursday, May 19, 2005

Waiting in Vain

Most people who know me understand that I HATE waiting in line for anything. I was surprised last night to witness people actually camping out for two weeks to see Star Wars. I can count the times on one hand I've actually been so excited for something that I've camped out on the pavement or at least waited over 1/2 hour for something to take place. Last year, I freaked out at the National Archives after having to wait for 25 minutes. I left although we were at the front of the line. Here are the events that I waited for:

1. Kate Bush signing and Tower Records (1994): While this might make me just as big a nerd as the Star Wars people, Kate Bush rarely makes US appearances due to her fear of flying. In my formative youth period, I was a huge Kate Bush fan (still am) and had to have her sign my rare Belgium imported album. I stood out in the freezing rain for four hours to meet Kate.

2. Vamp restock at Barney's (1995): For years I was waiting for that perfect nail polish to emerge on the market. When Chanel introduced the color Vamp, I went crazy and actually stood in line for an hour to get my turn to pluck down my $20 for that perfect dark red enamel.

3. Dick Tracey movie premiere (1990): While this was a terrible movie, I just had to see Madonna again on the big screen. My friend's dad scored us midnight tickets for the York, County premiere. As we were waiting in line for the big show, I was interviewed by the York Daily Record and was outed as a huge Madonna fan.

4. Waiting for Simon LeBon outside Radio City Music Hall (1996): OK, I admit they were even past their prime and I was too old to be behaving like this, but after seeing Simon onstage for the first time in my life, I had to wait outside the backstage door to get an up close and personal look at him. Simon shaking my hand was worth the two hours outside in the snow!

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