Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh You've Got Green Eyes.....

Tonight, I'm going to see New Order at the Hammerstein Ballroom. New Order has played the background for some significant background music for some influential experiences in my life. Going tonight is bringing back a couple of specific memories that are troubling:

1. My first kiss that included tongue took place to Temptation at Big City Under 21 Nite Club. This guy is now gay.
2. I went to see New Order with my close high school friends right after graduation at Merriweather Post pavilion. That was the first concert I drove to and we were very excited about seeing New Order along with the Sugarcubes and PIL. As New Order closed the night, people were lighting fires on the lawn and jumping over them. My friend Ed from school and drama club was getting especially dangerous with his fire behavior and was putting his arm in the fire. That was the second to the last time I ever saw Ed. He killed himself in his garage the following Thanksgiving.

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