Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm Out of the Picture!

Last night I made a troubling discovery at my friend's house. As I was leaving, I noticed a nice photograph she has of herself with her friend Jordan who disappeared to Australia last year. Then I made the shocking discovery that she has physically CUT me out of the picture leaving only half of my body remaining! I returned from the bedroom to say goodbye but was unsure if I should say something. What could this mean? Here are the possibilities:

1. She likes Jordan better than she likes me which frankly doesn't make sense because he left the country and doesn't seem to be coming back. Also, he doesn't have any more designer discounts to offer while the presence of my company is priceless.
2. She was being sensitive that the photo was taken during my fat days and is actually being a good friend and destroying all fat images of me for public viewing.
3. She is embarrassed to be my friend in general so she cut me out! This can't be true though or she wouldn't have invited me to her house in the first place and besides, she's a loyal friend and doesn't really operate like that.

It's all a puzzle. I'm not sure what this could mean, but if you ever cut me out of the picture, cut me out completely and don't shove half my body into the side of a frame. It's just too upsetting!

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