Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Who Needs Christo?

Mike Argento, the columnist for the York Daily Record, compares New York's Central Park to York's Cherry Lane. I have seen both the Gates and have spent some time on Cherry Lane. I can't critique the murals on Cherry Lane since I haven't been there since 1989 when I made out with some boy I met at Zakie's Night Club under-21 Sunday. I hung out at two Under-21 clubs in York when I was a teenager. One was Big City Under 21 Nite Club and the second one was on the third floor of Zakie's on Sunday nights. To this day, I still feel a slight sense of vacancy on both Friday and Sunday nights. I've never been able to fill that void where I danced in a dark smoky room to New Order and Bronski Beat. In any case, I can't picture the guy I kissed or the painting of a man chopping off a woman's toenail on Cherry Lane. In 16 years, I wonder if I will be able to visualize the Gates. Who needs Christo? We have our own special art - York Daily Record

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