Friday, February 04, 2005

MJ Cat Savant: Friday Catblog

Again this week, MJ Cat is answering questions on any topic. With his PhD in Cultural Studies, MJ is an expert on everything and anything. If you would like to "Ask MJ," send an email to

Dear MJ: Is is it ever acceptable for a man to wear jewelry? Can I wear my diamond tiara to the Oscars?--Wyndham S.,NY, NY

Dear Wyndham: It's never acceptable for a man or a cat to wear any kind of jewelry unless it is a tasteful wedding band or cufflinks. This also applies for gay men unless you are unless, of course, the impeccable Austin Scarlett from Project Runway. Carson Kressley can't even get away with a diamond tiara. Are you going to the Oscars? I'd like to go. I don't get out much and I walk on leash and with my impeccable grooming and tasteful fur, I'd be a smash on the red carpet.

Dear MJ: Does anyone ever enjoy networking for business purposes?--Rachel A., NY, NY

Dear Rachel: I enjoy getting out of the house whenever I get the chance. Even social networking can lead to business deals. If it weren't my owner's social/business networking, I'd still be living in the basement of a restaurant. Just remember, always take the meeting.

Dear MJ: How do I get my baby off the bottle?--Diane A., New York, NY

Dear Diane: Thank god it's a baby. NYCBabylon recently was trying to get someone off the bottle and it ruined their relationship. I kind of keep this a secret, but I drink out of mug. Why don't you try offering your baby a tippy cup and just keep patiently trying. Training a baby is like training a cat. Just be patient, show affection and be persistent!

Dear MJ: What's the difference between sushi and sashimi? And what's the allure of the handroll?--Chris G, New York, NY

Dear Chris: You know how I like my fish raw and pure, but sashimi is my personal preference because I'm a cat. Sushi is fish over the rice. As for the handrolls, it's a great gimmick so you don't have to share with someone who wants to eat all of your roll!

Dear MJ: I'm going to Southern California in the Spring and don't know what to wear. What should I pack?--Ellen W., Washington D.C.

Dear Ellen: I'm not really into clothes, as I'm a cat, but I do watch Project Runway. You know those Banana Republic commercials that are on Project Runway showing the early Spring line? Those types of outfits would be great for L.A. Jeans, short sleeve silky tops and light-weight coats will make you look comfortable California cool.

Dear MJ: How can I surprise my husband for Valentine's Day?--Jessica H., New Boston, NH

Dear Jessica: I always like it when I get surprised with a cat-nip filled cigar and a cat massage.

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