Monday, February 21, 2005

A Beer and a Shot in the Dark

Last night I think I had one of my worst dates ever. Here are some signs your date might be going very badly:

1. He shows up in an old ratty grey t-shirt and jeans. You are supposed to go to a French restaurant so you are dressed up in a cute silk skirt and sexy top.
2. He orders a shot before he even says hello to you. He doesn't ask what you would like to drink.
3. He calls you before the date and changes the time so that he can "get a workout in." You are already applying your eyeliner.
4. Despite your charming attempts at conversation, he finishes his beer, finally looks at you, tells you he's just not up for conversation and says, "I'm going home." He leaves you sitting alone at the bar. Only 15 minutes have passed.

If this ever happens to you, go immediately to you gay boyfriend's house. He will make you feel better and tell you that look fabulous and don't smell.

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