Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Perfect Day

So, yesterday was supposed to be a 5-star day, but it wasn't. So, this morning, I woke up and tried to recount previous 5-star days. I am qualifying a "5-star" day as a day when some point during that time period, I remember thinking, "This is such a perfect day. I am totally happy right now."

Here's what I remember as being perfect days:

September 2004--An early fall sunny day included a nice bridal luncheon, a spa date with Mr. Book and dinner at Les Halles. Mr. Book also gave me a book as a gift. This was right after we first met and didn't hide from one another.

August 2003--The day I achieved Lifetime status at Weight Watchers was such a great day!

January 2003--The day began with my first Brazilian bikini wax which turned out to be a painless and satisfying experience. Afterwards, my close male friend The Declinist and I spent the day and night together in snowy below-freezing weather. We first met for dinner at McDonald's and then went to meet our friend George Charlton at the Gramercy Park Hotel. George acted crazy and gave me two Hello Kitty vibrators as a belated X-mas present. This made me angry for some reason which was actually kind of funny. The Declinist and I went back to his place, gossiped and had a non-erotic erotic evening where he sneaked a peek at the wax. He let me sleep over and let me tell you, the Declinist has the MOST COMFORTABLE bed ever.

March 1999--My friend Max escorted me around LA right before the Oscars and let me see the red carpet in person. He also took me shopping at Fred Segal which was way and beyond the call of duty for a straight male friend. Then we went back to Venice Beach, ate fish tacos and watched the Awards. That was a fun day.

May 1993--I hosted a Bloody Mary party on the field right before I graduated college. My best friends and I drank bloodies all day in our bathing suits and then we went back to my room and cried as we watched all the members of 90210 graduate from high school.

March 1993--My first love Morgan and I were in Telluride. We went skiing, fooled around in the jacuzzi, had dinner and then went to see the movie Groundhog Day. I think of that day every time I see that movie on TV and wish I could live that day over and over again. That was also the day I ate my first tomato.

July 1991--WHFS festival on the 4th of July. My best friend Jessica and all of our favorite bands--all day long.

August 1989--I had this crazy 18th birthday party where nobody showed up except my very best friends. Some other girl was having a beer bash across town and my mother wouldn't serve any alcohol to underage kids so everyone went to Linda's party instead of my pool party/crab bash. My friend Howard videotaped the entire day which included my party, my friend Patrick accompanying me and Jessica on my new guitar to Boy's Don't Cry, Stephanie dancing to James Taylor's You've Got a Friend, Jessica and me playing Space Station pinball at Sub's Unlimited Plus and then all of us driving around in my red Dodge Raider looking for my boyfriend Chip. This was such a perfect teenage day, and was my last innocent free day before I moved away to college the next morning.

May 1988--The day of the York County Jr. Miss pageant was such an exciting and fabulous day. This was also the last time I would ever be that skinny and tan in a white beaded gown.

November 1986--My friend Jessica and I had started going to Big City Under 21 Nightclub and they erected this cage in the middle of the dance floor. I distinctly remember us totally having a moment in the cage rocking out to a-ha's song The Sun Only Shines on TV. We thought we were so cool.

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