Monday, March 21, 2005

I Want My DTV

I've been sick for a week now. I haven't been able to leave the house to socialize so I've been passing time enjoying all that my DTV has to offer. Here's a rundown of what I remember watching over the weekend in my feverish state.

1. Club MTV: No, I'm not hallucinating. VH1 Classic actually airs old "episodes" of Club MTV. In addition to wishing that perms and bras worn as tops would come back in vogue, I witnessed live performances from Samantha Foxx and Naughty by Nature. Now, the Palladium is a dorm and Downtown Julie Brown is forced to be on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

2. Thirteen Going on 30: For some reason, this movie was on some kind of loop on Stars Cinema the entire weekend. I watched it at least three times because I was too tired to change the channel. Mark Ruffalo is hot.

3. Fresh Prince of Bel Air: I never watched Fresh Prince when it was new, but I enjoyed watching the same episode twice this weekend where DJ Jazzy Jeff guest stars and fixes Will up with his sister who turns out to be a neurotic control-freak so Will pushes her off on Carlton. I can't tell you why this was entertaining, but I didn't have to think too much while watching.

4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: I couldn't really sit through all of this because I didn't like the way that the show was edited between the performances and the acceptance speeches. Bono is so self-congratulatory.

5. Legally Blonde: I watched this one a couple of times on TBS during breaks between Thirteen Going on Thirty.

6. Eurotrip: I actually sat through this movie and didn't think it was too bad. That's how sick I felt.

7. Saturday Night Live: What is Ashton Kutcher's problem? Is he stupid? Too self confident? Untalented? I don't get it.

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