Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dear Michael Jackson

Dear Michael,
I don't understand what you are thinking. Although I believe you are guilty and crazy, I can't comprehend how can you be so self-destructive and NOT SHOW UP for court on time? Did you think it was honestly a good idea to show up in slippers and pajamas after your lawyer had to frantically call you from outside the court once warrants were issued for your arrest? Nobody is buying all your health problems. Who in the hell is advising you? Liz Taylor? I used to love you, Michael. I still get excited when I hear Rock With You, but you are tainting my enjoyment of your songs with your insane behaviour. I also confess that I even use the Michael Jackson History mousepad in my office but I'm thinking of retiring it as it's becoming embarrassing to even mention your name. Please show up on time for your next hearings. You've already screwed up by allowing so many kids to hang out with you at the crazy Neverland Ranch and why in the hell did you let that guy make the documentary about you? Being Wacko doesn't mean you have to be so stupid.

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