Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oprah Talks Shit!

I was shocked yesterday when I watched an repeat episode of Oprah where she and some guy named Dr. Oz answered "Your Most Embarrassing Questions" about poop. Oprah seriously covered questions such as "What Shape Should Your Poop Be?", "Why does poop smell?", and "What makes poop brown?" You can click here for a recap. While I have to confess, I'm curious about poop, I can't believe Oprah dedicated a show to discussing bowl movements. I'd like to ask her why pinenuts always come out as some weird deposit in my shit or what to do when you get poop stuck 1/2 way on the work toilet. Tonight, I'll be watching "Does My Butt Look Big?" I know mine does and don't need Oprah to tell me this either.

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