Thursday, January 11, 2007

Donald vs. Rosie

Today, I got an email from a reader/friend who wanted my opinion on the Rosie vs. Trump feud. Frankly, I can't believe it's still making headlines and that on a poll today that I saw on AOL, most people are on Trump's side. Here, however, are my thoughts:
1. Rosie is a comedienne and entitled to her opinion and frankly, I thought what she said was funny and Donald seems on the defense.
2. Trump's initial response on Acess Hollywood disgusted me since his comments were been both homophobic and misogynist. Instead of stating that perhaps Rosie was misinformed about his finances, he attacked her by calling her fat, unattractive, and threatening to have a friend come steal her girlfriend Kelly.
3. If Trump is as smart and powerful as he claims, he should act as a responsible corporate citizen. Instead, as a self-proclaimed symbol of corporate power, his homophobic tirades demonstrate the sexism women face in the white corporate world. If a man disagrees with him, he'd never call him "fat" or a "pig." This type of rhetoric is very anti-woman and that type of response does not create an intellectual debate.
4. It's making me sick he's dragging Ivanka into this as a mere ratings device for his show the Apprentice which I used to enjoy, but now is officially fired from my TV schedule.
5. I love the View!

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