Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catblog Friday by MJ Cat: Real Men Love Pussies

I meet a lot of suitors for my person who admit to not liking cats. I was speaking about this with my pals Thor and Heather and we have a theory. Men who don't like cats, don't really like women. Cats are complicated creatures and it takes patience, confidence and good communication skills to connect and love a cat. You, in turn, have to earn our trust, love and respect. We have mysterious moods and won't provide you with instant gratification at your leisure like some dumb needy dog. The straight men (and gay ones) who love cats are more patient, emotionally healthy and kinder men than the men who hate cats. Frankly, I think if a man can't connect with me, he will never be able to connect with my person. So, if you want a quality woman, you better considering appreciating her pussy.

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