Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Freshly Popped Back from the Dead

Orville's Zombie moment.

I've been so consumed with the Golden Globes, that I haven't mentioned the new Orville Redenbacher ad where a digitally resurrected Orville Redenbacher appears popping some popcorn while inexplicably wearing headphones. Isn't the fun of popping popcorn hearing it pop? Today, in AdAge, Ken Wheaton wrote a fabulous post about this disturbing scary advertisement:
The agency, the marketer and Digital Domain are crowing about the ground-breaking technology used here, but this technology is not ready for prime time. Firstly, the Orville zombie sounds nothing like the original. More important, it is visually jarring ... my emotions ranged from "this is amateurish-looking crap" to "holy jeebum crow, this scares the hell out of me" -- especially near the end, when the Orville zombie's shoulder start hitching and it looks as if he's about to hack up a hairball.

Read Todd's hilarious commentary on this ad along with the scary DirecTV ad here.

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