Monday, May 08, 2006

Review of York County Junior Miss

Because the lack of reporting from the local papers, I had to search random myspace blogs to find out the winner of Saturday Night's Junior Miss program. As I predicted, overachieving Karin Tsai won. Here is the review:

Congrats to Karin, if you don't know she won Junior Miss. In other words, Junior Miss was ok really long and funny. People should show there talents off to people that will tell the truth, the snare drum girl the girl who did the poem reading...which was like the girl that did like the opening to a play...which was like the girl that had a little Wizard of Oz connection to her speech for her teacher lol. I need to work on Physics today, or I can just let it go but my answers will all be wrong, what else...I still need to get a tux, I need to do something else but it never seems to work out right, I need to call the Vikings club about a job, other than that I think I am doing great.

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