Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Corn, Cold Corn

Here is a wrap-up of my Memorial Day weekend:

1. I conducted an entire romantic affair via text message. I think I am the only woman who can actually turn off a guy who lives out of town via SMS.
2. I discovered a new fantastic store called Pylones where I purchased a cat alarm clock that's alarm actually sounds like a meow. This disgusted my actual cat who slept through the alarm.
3. I finally watched "40 Year Old Virgin" and cried at the end.
4. I ate dinner at Little Italy with my good friend Kristen. Afterwards we went to a cheesey bar for Pina Coladas but they wouldn't let me in because I forgot my ID.
5. I ordered a bucket of KFC for my Memorial Day pier picnic. They gave me mashed potatoes instead of corn. They were cold by the time we were ready to eat.

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